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What is a hurricane shutter?

Storm shutters are products designed to limit damage to window and door openings caused by high winds and flying objects. They are popular in coastal areas, but storm shutters are rapidly growing in popularity in all areas threatened by high winds, hurricane conditions, or tornadoes.

How do hurricane shutters actually protect my home?
Shutters are an important part of a hurricane-resistant or storm-resistant home. They provide protection for glass doors and windows against windborne debris, which is often present in coastal storms. Keeping the building envelope intact (i.e., no window or door breakage) during a major windstorm is vital to the structural integrity of a home. If the envelope is breached, sudden pressurization of the interior can cause major structural damage (e.g., roof loss) and will lead to significant interior and contents damage from wind-driven rain.

When is the best time to get my shutters installed ?
The best time to have shutters installed is when the house is built so they can be a part of the design. If you own a house without shutters have them installed as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the beginning of hurricane season may be a busy time for most installation companies. Do NOT wait until a Hurricane Watch is issued for your area.

When should I clean or test my shutters?

At the start of each hurricane season you should test out your shutters and clean them. For permanently installed shutters try closing each one to make sure they work smoothly and lock tight. For panels try a couple of windows and doors to ensure the hardware works and check the time you need to complete the job. Check all panels for damage which could compromise its integrity. Repair any problems at this time so that everything is ready when a storm threatens.

What are the best types of shutters?
Since every house is different with unique window and door styles the same style of protection may not be ideal for all of the openings of your home. There are many different styles and selections.

Does this affect my home insurance?
Each insurance company is different. Contact your local agent for further information.